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Aspen Caterers

"Be a guest at your own party..."

Would you like to "be a guest at your own party"? Of course you would!  That’s why you have Aspen Caterers take care of all your food and service needs. We can even handle your bartending requirements and any extra party rental equipment you may need….we do it all!

At Aspen Caterers, we pride ourselves in preparing delicious food that makes our customers come back for seconds…and even thirds!  It’s your party, you tell us what kind of food you would like to have served. We'll build you a custom menu and have our chefs fill in any blanks…appetizers, side dishes, desserts etc.

We can accommodate many types of parties and events...Mountain Top parties, Pig Roasts, Weddings, Birthday parties, Garden parties, Baby Showers, Holiday parties, Business parties, Small Dinner parties, Cocktail parties, Receptions and we've even catered a Toga party! 

So, if you are ready to "be a guest at your own party” then please, give us a call and let's plan a party!

Contact us at (970) 925-1207

We have a full commercial kitchen that gets inspected twice a year. We’re licensed and insured. We’re centrally located at the Aspen Business Center (the ABC), close to most off premise locations.

We have specialty food trucks (that also get inspected by the Environmental Health Dept.), that allow us to deliver your food at the proper temperatures to most locations. We also have a full party rental shop so we can add any extra equipment your party may require i.e. tents, tables, chairs, linen, tall cocktail tables, china, glassware etc. 

Thank you for visiting our site…we look forward to hearing from you!

John and Stephanie Swim and the crew at Aspen Caterers.

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